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Mexican and Tex Mex food are a Dallas specialty. There are so many restaurants in the area – tiny, family owned dives; chic, downtown spots; and even chains and grab-n-go locations. It’s hard to go wrong. But it’s also hard to decide. Here are a few top picks. You can be sure that there’s something for everyone.

The one thing you’ll have no trouble finding in Dallas is a plethora of choices when it comes to Mexican restaurants. It would be impossible to rate and categorize them all. But here’s a top five list of picks, including chic, fast, suburban, multiple locations, and Tex Mex.

Komali: Chic and delicious

Komali offers the ideal Mexican food equation. The name comes from the Aztec word for an open fire griddle. In Mexico, it’s used for the preparation of tortillas and the toasting of cacao beans for coffee. The owner and chef is Abraham Salum. His cuisine is a modern take on the Mexican cuisine he was raised on. The décor comes from the mind of Julio Quinones. It’s contemporary but still warm and inviting. All of this adds up to food that will feed your body and your soul. It is definitely a Dallas offering not to be missed.

Taco Ocho: Fast and furious food

A couple of seriously passionate Mexican food lovers decided to open a restaurant where guests can get good Mexican food fast. The result was Taco Ocho, where fresh ingredients and classic combinations are what makes the food more than fast food. Why the name? Because Taco Ocho offers eight different types of tacos, tortas, and tostados. All of the food is made to order and all of the sauces are homemade. This is one time that getting something fast doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor.

Frankie’s: Suburban flair

If you’re not lucky enough to have family or friends to turn to for authentic Mexican fare, the Jimenez brothers Frankie and Augustin, originally from Guanajuato, Mexico,

are happy to step in. They are the founders of Frankie’s, a Mexican restaurant where homemade, traditional food as well as creative Tex Mex is served. The recipes have been handed down through the generations. But the ingredients are as fresh as can be, the perfect combination for the perfect Mexican meal.

Mi Cocina: Multiple locations of goodness

This is one case where multiple locations in no way water down the offerings. Mi Cocina’s locations all across the city and surrounding neighborhoods are always packed, whether it’s on their often extensive patios or in their sleek dining rooms. The food at Mi Cocina is as delicious as it is copious. It’s one of the best places in town to share a plate and spend time with friends.

Mia’s Tex Mex: South of the border, north of amazing

Butch and Ana Enriquez founded Mia’s and all kinds of celebs frequent it, from movie stars to local luminaries to Dallas Cowboys. Mia’s is the home to delicious Tex Mex in a hip part of town. The menu is extensive and the vibe is casual and friendly. Regulars swear by Mia’s and visitors to the city are rarely disappointed.